5.2.1 Percentages, PT3 Practice

Question 1:
Rahman bought a house at RM180 000. The market price of the house increases by 15 % per year. After a year, Rahman sold his house at the price of RM 205 000.
Is the selling price higher compared to the market price? Show your working.

Market price =115%×RM180 000 = 115 100 ×RM180 000 =RM207 000 RM207 000>RM205 000 The market price of the house is higher than the selling price of the house.

Question 2:
A company makes a profit of RM 50 000 in year 2016. The projection of profit increase is fixed at 20 % from the previous year.
Predict the company profit in year 2018.

Profit in year 2017 =RM50 000× 120 100 =RM60 000 Profit in year 2018 =RM60 000× 120 100 =RM72 000

Question 3:
Sharon wants to buy a new car with the price of RM 78 500. Her father gives her some money, which is 30 % of the car price. The deposit for the car is 1 5 of the price.
Would her father’s contribution be enough for her deposit? Give your reason with calculation.

30% of the car price given by Sharon's father = 30 100 × RM 78500 =RM 23550 Deposit of the car price needed = 1 5 × RM 78500 =RM 15700 RM 23550> RM 15700, therefore her father 's contribution is enough for the deposit.

Question 4:
The profit of Company P and Company Q in March are RM38 000 and RM48 000 respectively. In April, the profit of Company P has increased by 20%.
Given the profit for both companies are equal in April, find the percentages decrease in profit of Company Q.

Profit of Company P in April = 120 100 ×38000 =RM45600 Drop in profit of Company Q =RM48000RM45600 =RM2400 Percentage decrease in profit = 2400 48000 ×100% =5%

Question 5:
A biscuit making company needs 200 tonnes of flour every month. Factory K supplies 80 tonnes, while the rest is supplied by Factory M. In a particular month, Factory K faces a problem which forces it to reduce its output by 15%.
Find the total percentage of the flour output of Factory M in order to accommodate the requirement of the biscuit making company.

New flour supply from Factory K = 85 100 ×80 =68 tonnes New flour supply from Factory M =20068 =132 tonnes Total percentage of flour output of Factory M = 132 120 ×100% =110%