SPM Science 2017, Paper 2 (Question 7 & 8)

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Question 7:
Diagram 7.1 shows various use of synthetic rubber.

Diagram 7.1

(a) Based on Diagram 7.1, state the major use of synthetic rubber. [1 mark]

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(b) State two characteristics of synthetic rubber which is used to make shoe soles. [2 marks]

(c) Diagram 7.2 shows the formation of vulcanised rubber.

Diagram 7.2

(i) What is process R? [1 mark]
(ii) Draw the structure of vulcanised rubber in the space provided on Diagram 7.2. [1 mark]
(iii) State one function of sulphur in the formation of vulcanised rubber. [1 mark]

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(a) Tyre

1. Heat resistant
2. Hard
3. Water resistant
(Choose any two)



To prevent rubber polymer from sliding with each other

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Question 8:
Diagram 8.1 shows word equation of the soap making process.

Diagram 8.1

(a) What is the name of the soap making process? [1 mark]

(b) Give one example of substance X. [1 mark]

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(c) Diagram 8.2 shows the structure of a soap molecule.
Name the part Y and Z in the boxes provided in Diagram 8.2 using the following words given. [2 marks]

Diagram 8.2

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(d) A student found that her clothes stained with dirt.
Arrange the following cleansing actions of soap in the correct sequence in the boxes provided. [2 marks]

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(a) Saponification

Palm oil

Y: Hydrophilic
Z: Hydrophobic