Question 1:
Diagram 1 shows containers which are made of synthetic polymer.

Diagram 1

(a) Name the type of the synthetic polymer shown in Diagram 1. [1 mark]

State two characteristics of the synthetic polymer in Diagram 1. [2 marks]

What is the effect of improper disposal of the synthetic polymer in Diagram 1 on the environment? [1 mark]

State two correct ways to dispose of the synthetic polymer in Diagram 1 to preserve the environment. [2 marks]

Polythene or polyethene

- Soft when heated and hard when cooled
- Can be moulded more than once

Improper disposal of the synthetic polymers such as the burning of synthetic polymers releases toxic gases and acidic gases that cause air pollution and acid rain.

- Recycle or process again
- Burning in special incinerators which does not release toxic gases into the environment