Symbol of Element

A symbol of element is the chemical symbol written in short form to represent a particular element. Some elements are represented by the first letter of its name. Examples:
Element Symbol
Fluorine F
Hydrogen H
Iodine I
Nitrogen N
Oxygen O
Phosphorus P
Sulphur S
Carbon C
Vanadium V
If there are two or more elements that have mane start with the same alphabet letter, a second letter is added to differentiate between these elements. The second letter used is always lowercase. Examples:
Elements Symbol
Bromine Br
Calcium Ca
Chlorine Cl
Chromium Cr
Magnesium Mg
Manganese Mn
Neon Ne
Nickel Ni
Silicon Si
Helium He
Argon Ar
Aluminium Al
Zinc Zn
Platinum Pt
Some elements are represented by their Latin names. Example:
Elements Latin Name Symbol
Copper Cuprum
Iron Ferrum
Lead Plumbum
Mercury Hydrargyrum
Potassium Kalium
Silver Argentum
Sodium Natrium
Tin Stannum
(Notes: You MUST Memorise the symbol for all these 31 elements)