SPM Science 2018, Paper 2 (Question 3 & 4)

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Question 3:
Diagram 3 shows two types of hair which are curly and straight hair for 30 customers at a saloon.

Diagram 3

(a) Based on Diagram 3, complete Table 1. [2 marks]

Table 1

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(b) Based on Table 1, draw a bar chart to show the number of customers against the types of hair. [2 marks]

(c) Based on bar chart in 3(b), state the type of variation. [1 mark]

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(c) Discontinuous variation

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Question 4:
Diagram 4.1 and Diagram 4.2 show an experiment to study the effect of sunlight on white photographic paper coated with argentum chloride.

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(a) Based on Diagram 4.1, state the colour of the photographic paper after being exposed to sunlight. [1 mark]

(b) State one inference for your answer in 4(a). [1 mark]

(c) State the variables in this experiment. [2 marks]
(i) Manipulated variable
(ii) Responding variable

(d) State the operational definition for photographic paper. [1 mark]

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(a) Grey

Photographic paper reacts to light

Presence of sunlight

Colour change of photographic paper

Photographic paper is a paper that turns grey when exposed to sunlight