SPM Science 2017, Paper 2 (Question 5 & 6)

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Question 5:
Diagram 5.1 shows an experiment to study a fermentation process.

Diagram 5.1

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The word equation below represents the chemical reaction in Diagram 5.1.

(a) Based on the experiment,
(i) What is X?
(ii) State one characteristic of X. [2 marks]

(b) Mark (\/) on the element that can be found in X. [1 mark]

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(c) Name one substance which can be used to replace glucose solution in Diagram 5.1. [1 mark]

(d) What is the effect of excessive consumption of alcohol to organ S and T shown in Diagram 5.2? [2 marks]

Diagram 5.2

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Alcohol (Methanol/ Ethanol/ Butanol/ Pentanol/ Propanol)

Colourless/ Dissolves in water/ Flammable
(Choose one)


Any fruit juice.

Effect of excessive consumption of alcohol to organ S: Brain damage/ Imbalanced/ Blurred vision (Choose one)

Effect of excessive consumption of alcohol to organ T: Liver inflammation/ Scarring of liver/ Cirrhosis (Choose one)

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Question 6:
Diagram 6.1 and Diagram 6.2 show food labels found on two different brands of chilli sauce.

Diagram 6.1

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Diagram 6.2

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(a) Based on Diagram 6.1 and Diagram 6.2,
(i) Which food label follows the Food Regulations 1985?
(ii) Give one reason for your answer in 6(a)(i). [2 marks]

(b)(i) Which substance is used as preservative in brand W chilli sauce?
(ii) State one function of the preservative in 6(b)(i). [2 marks]

(c) Both brands use artificial colouring in their product.
Do you agree with the use of artificial colouring in food?
Justify your answer. [2 marks]

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Chilli sauce brand V

Has expiry date.

Vinegar/ Sodium benzoate

Prevent growth of bacteria

- Make food more attractive
- Cause cancer/ Damage kidney